Yeah, this is why I hated Mockingjay. I don't need a happy ending, but in the end I felt the whole series was pointless if Prim dies in the end. That's the only reason why this story is even being told - because Katniss wanted to save Prim. » 10/18/14 9:47am Saturday 9:47am

I'm just here to give Emma props for not posting the picture Snoop put on Instagram. I thought it was incredibly mean spirited for the woman who was in the picture. She didn't ask for some international celebrity to mock her and it wasn't cool or funny. » 10/14/14 11:16am 10/14/14 11:16am

I can't even watch it. I watched 15 minutes of the pilot and had to turn away. As an attorney, I found it absolutely ridiculous. I know it's just television, and I don't begrudge others from enjoying it. I just can't watch legal dramas that don't even try a little to be based in some reality. » 10/10/14 10:29am 10/10/14 10:29am

Simone Biles Wins Second World Gymnastics Championship

Simone Biles is world champion once more taking the gold in the 2014 All Around Women's World Gymnastics Championship. Simone becomes the first woman to win back to back world championships since Svetlana Khorkina of Russia in 2003. Larissa Iordache of Romania won the silver and Kyla "I Will Make it to Two… » 10/10/14 9:26am 10/10/14 9:26am

This reminds me of when I was in law school. We were in a seminar teaching us what we had to do to get in-state status. One of the things was to disclose your bank accounts that were in-state. My classmate, who was dead serious, taps me on the shoulder and says, "But, JPT, what about our trust funds?" » 10/06/14 4:51pm 10/06/14 4:51pm

Man, I have to get dental surgery in a couple weeks because I cracked my tooth. Then I have to get a crown. As a Beyonce fan, I too wish she would come to the doctor's office with me when this goes down. I could really use her checkbook to pay for all this! » 10/06/14 4:00pm 10/06/14 4:00pm